Why Vacation Rentals

Why Vacation Rentals in Ucluelet?

There are many accommodation choices in Ucluelet and we want to make you booking easy.  The hardest part of this wonderful adventure is the research. Where do you go, how many, where do we stay, and the list goes on. Here’s some helpful advice to help you see why a vacation rental would be your best choice for accommodations wherever you go. Many people don’t realize they have other options of vacation accommodations other than hotels and resorts. In fact, our vacation rentals offer more space for less money than will get at other resorts and we have units with incredible ocean view! Why not stay at a place with great views where you can eat, sleep and relax while enjoying the ocean!

BENEFIT #1: More Space and Indoor/Outdoor Cooking Options

  • You are in control of choosing the vacation rental that provides the square footage necessary for you and your guests to be comfortable in Ucluelet.
  • Most families and friends generally prefer to lodge together in a home rather than spend money having separate rooms in a hotel or resort. This optimizes your time with your family.
  • Vacation rentals are usually homes with large kitchens and plenty of living space. Many enjoy the ability to cook and/or grill together for home cooked meals rather than the cost or lower quality of eating out.
  • You won’t be dealing with noisy neighbors or thins walls in the vacation rental. Also, our vacation rentals in Ucluelet are in quiet areas.
  • There is better and more convenient parking for your vehicles and any other recreational equipment you may have brought along. Our ocean view condos in Ucluelet have covered parking.

BENEFIT #2: More Privacy, Guaranteed view

  • With a vacation rental you have much more privacy and you are in a well built condo or home.
  • The vacation home you are staying in is on it’s own property and not shared. The only noise you will hear is you and your guests having a great time.
  • Our condos in Ucluelet have great views. You won’t be in a pool of rooms at a large resort where you get peak-a-boo views.

BENEFIT #3: More Convenience and Accommodating for Guests’ & Pet(s)’ Needs

  • The number of guests allowable is more flexible. There are many more sleep options in vacation rentals than hotels or resorts.
  • Your stay can be more customized to the needs of you and your guests than any other type of lodging.
  • You can checkout with confidence that there will be no price surprises. The price originally agreed upon remains the price.
  • If pets are coming along, most hotels do not allow them. It’s not really convenient to take care of them there, anyway. Vacation rentals are much more accommodating for pets.

BENEFIT #4: Tailor Your Stay With Desired Amenities

  • Vacation rentals can offer many more amenities than hotels and resorts. Many have private swimming pools, bikes, updated appliances and entertainment/stereo equipment.
  • The vacation home and furniture décor are more updated and more comfortable than those of the hotels and resorts.

BENEFIT #5: Customized Stay for a Bargain Price

  • Vacation Rentals are owned by individual owners who will each give you a slightly different flavor of decorations since it is their home to.
  • So much more is included with a vacation rental in Ucluelet for a great price!

In conclusion, when choosing your accommodations for your upcoming vacation, reserve a vacation rental with Vancouver Island Vacation Rentals in Ucluelet! You will be pleasantly surprised and make some great memories! Don’t forget to share your great experience with your friends!


Tyee Cabin

Pacific Rim Eagle Cabin

Pine Cabin

Pacific Rim Cedar Cabin

Hemlock Suite

Beautiful large like-new condos. You can walk to the famous coastline trail. Sunsets and everything you could hope for on the coast of Vancouver Island. You are across the street, so you don’t really hear the surf. But you won’t care.

Steve W

We have been coming to Ucluelet for many years and these are the nicest condos we know of in Ucluelet and have stayed a few times in each of the condos they rent. 1st class experience and you will love the view.

Al Miller

Very nice, upscale, comfortable condos with breathtaking views of the ocean. There was plenty of room for the four in my party. Will ask to stay in these condos on next trip back.

Michael McGranaghan